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MND TAS equipment library

ILCT has partnered with the Motor Neurone Disease [MND] society of Tasmania to locate the MND TAS equipment library in Launceston.

The library holds a number of devices and additional equipment to support MND TAS members and assist with ongoing communication.

MND TAS would like to thank and acknowledge FightMND as a major donor to the equipment library. The FightMND Care Grants have allowed MND TAS to regularly update and improve the equipment available to their members. http://fightmnd.org.au/care/

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Health Professional information

Clinical loan information

Clinical loans are for a:

  • Health Professional to get familiar with equipment before meeting with the client for an assessment.
  • Health Professional to trial equipment with a client in therapy sessions while they learn how to use the equipment/software.
  • time period of up to one month.

Clinical loans are not for clients. The moment that equipment is sent home with the client and the clinician relinquishes the loan to the client, an NDIS/non-NDIS loan form must be completed.

An NDIS client is charged a monthly loan fee from the time a client is given the equipment to take home.

Example scenario

  1. A speech pathologist borrows equipment after completing a clinical loan form on 1st June. No loan fee is charged to the health professional. The equipment is to be returned within the month if no longer required.
  2. The speech pathologist has two therapy sessions with an NDIS client on 10th and 17th June. The equipment remains in the care of the speech pathologist. No loan fee is charged to the health professional.
  3. On 17th June the NDIS client takes home the equipment after the therapy session. A loan form must be completed by the health professional and client. The client accepts responsibility for the equipment. A monthly billing cycle will begin from 17th June.

Requesting equipment

Consider the software communication requirements of the client. For example, a Surface Pro with Communicator 5 or GRID3.

Is a stand required? A desk mount, floor mount or wheelchair mount?

Are any other devices required, such as switches/buttons?
Please check the library list further below for other useful devices.

Health professional downloads

Girl and Proloquo to go

Library equipment list

Download the PDF list of equipment within the MND TAS equipment library.

Medical clipboard

Health Professional clinician loan form

For Health Professionals to complete and return for the purposes of borrowing an item from the MND TAS equipment library for either personal training and development or for transport to a client.

Happy doctors

Health professional information sheet

Downloads for clients

Equipment library loans for clients must be arranged through a local allied health professional.


NDIS loan form

Clients borrowing equipment must provide their national disability insurance scheme [NDIS] details and signed acceptance of the equipment on loan.

Person signing a document

Non-NDIS loan form

Clients borrowing equipment must provide signed acceptance of the equipment on loan.

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Client information sheet

Client information sheet detailing equipment loan expectations.

For MND TAS equipment library enquiries, please contact: MNDTAS@ilct.com.au