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Medical Mattress


  • Contact Jeanne Vanderkooij
  • Phone Number 0447 396 181
  • Suburb Kingston


System alternating pressure mattress. Alternates the pressure under a patient every 60 seconds allowing pressure relief to the patients whole body every two minutes. A normal able bodied person changes position more than one hundred and fifty times throughout eight hour period during the night. This position changing offers pressure relief that is vital, Without this relief the blood flow would be pinched off from the body tissue that is under pressure. Normal healthy body tissue will begin to develop a sore in only 20 minutes and will begin to die in only 40 minutes without the normal required blood flow. Early detection of a pressure wound is almost impossible as the wound starts from the inside out. This means by the time it reaches the surface or by the time you can see the wound it is already a chronic problem and most likely a stage three wound. This mattress alternating pressure is proven to not only prevent pressure wounds but also helps cure them.

Selling this mantras as brand new as it was too small for my king single base and could not return, as it came from Melbourne.

New price is $1800,- Sell for $1200,- or nearest offer